Bleed the Sky

by BornBroken



For the Concept part of the Cd, This song is all about War... But a personal war that one man has within his own head, wrong or right? which one wins?


Bleed the Sky - BornBroken - ©2012 Broken Music

Bleed the skies…………..

Hear the cries, We Broken now rise

Spread, our, wings out of the Darkness
Breathing the breath of new life,
we believe no longer your lies
Free’d from the thoughts that kept us,
That kept us blind in a rage
No, one, can, stop, us, now

This time we live and accept no longer
For this we fight, our stands made stronger
We’ll die… together as one

….Our fate we decide
Through the shroud of your disguise
We Bled the sky...motherfucker

We`ll, take, the reigns
With our wings drenched in blood
Embrace the anger we dominate
A new found power, born straight out of hate
Your promises faded, were not to blame,
Took your fate and bled the well dry
Hopes of a new day, abused and old news
From darkness the angels arise

This time we live and accept no longer
For this we fight, for this were stronger
Fearless we fought as one

Bleed all the rich, to feed the poor
Muthafucka were apocalypse,
The evidence is hard to ignore
The coldness of the human race has made the choice so fucking clear
The rape of this world and the blood from rebirth;
Innocence dies in the end

Look into our faces see no remorse
For the burning down and the fallen ones
Pushed, pulled from hate we did awake
Beaten, broken but the tide has turned…
Cause we bled the sky… and we
BLED IT DRY.........


released November 11, 2012
Lyrics - Mike Decker, Simon Savard
Music - Mike Decker, Simon Savard, Tommy Vaillencourt



all rights reserved


BornBroken Montréal, Québec

BornBroken are a Montreal-based metal band uniting the world through their unique take on explosive death/thrash metal.

Contrary to their raw, aggressive music they are incredibly passionate about  truth, integrity, perseverance, loyalty, and faith in humanity’s struggle for equality.

Get ready to experience the monumental shift when the broken shall finally rise.
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